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His work amazes, provokes and fascinates

Wanders architect book photo

Considered by the New York Times as the "Lady Gaga" of Contemporary Design.

Marcel Wanders is one of the best designers in the world specialized in architecture, interior and industrial design. His work is characterized by its own style, innovative and full of character.

A trajectory of almost 20 years that has resulted in more than 1,700 projects, 1 and for which it has received multiple awards, such as the Ava Ceramic Award or the Good Design Award, among others.


Divine utopias

Its mission is to "create an atmosphere of love, to live with passion
and make our exciting dreams come true."

His work amazes, provokes and fascinates,
but it never ceases to amaze by its ingenuity, audacity, audacity
and singular quest to elevate the human spirit and entertain.

Marcel is a world


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